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Bachelder Law Office is now permanently closed. If you are a current or former client and have unfinished business with the office call the office number below. See new mailing address. Email is

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Dedicated to settlement of family disputes 

with dignity and integrity.

Our philosophy-- Traditional adversarial litigation can destroy families, especially children.  Many people are unaware that there are other options.  Law school teaches lawyers to be adversarial.  Traditional advocacy emphasizes "winning" as the ultimate goal and bullying and intimidation as the method.  Nobody wins in a custody or divorce battle. A traditional adversarial style is needed in some family law cases.  However, the objective is to find an attorney that has the skill and integrity to advise you on alternatives to litigation. 

We understand the impact of high conflict divorce on children and families.  Katherine has over twenty-five years of legal experience including eight years as a criminal defense attorney and eleven years as a magistrate judge and standing master presiding over family law cases in Fairbanks. Before and during law school Katherine worked for eight years as a counselor for children, adults and families.

If Katherine sounds like someone you would like to work with or obtain legal advice from, you may schedule a consultation to ask legal questions, determine the strength of your case, assess your expected outcome, learn about court procedures, determine the retainer and hourly fee, and most importantly, determine what divorce option is best for you.  A consultation can also be useful if you are representing yourself in court.  Tips for consultations are found on the Consultation tab to the left.

Emotions often cloud judgment during a family law matter. Let an experienced lawyer guide you through the process and help you make difficult decisions based on sound judgment rather than emotion. As a team, we will resolve your family law dispute in a manner allowing you to maintain your dignity and respect and protect the wellbeing of your children.  You will determine the course your divorce or custody dispute will take.

If our zealous advocacy does not lead to a settlement to your satisfaction you will be in experienced hands during all stages of the litigation process including discovery, trial preparation, and trial.  With a thorough knowledge of the law we will advocate for everything you are entitled to receive.  When it comes to a decision involving a child we will advocate for what you believe is in your child's best interests. For more information about us please check the About Us tab of our website.


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